About the XIAOMI MI 6 Android Mobile Phone

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is the one of the best android mobile phone around collection of the android phones and it is an amazing device with the same speed y processor as like the Samsung galaxy S8 mobile phone and it has the beautiful design that stands on its own. The Xiamomi Mi6 mobile comes with the dual cameras and it will be helpful to take the portrait pictures as like the Apple iphone 7 Plus and onePlus 5. The Xiaomi Mi 6 mobile phone is a 4G LTE technology phone which has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and it is powered to be a cheap android mobile phone with its best features.

The cheapest version of this phone is retailed for about euro 280, $365 or AU$485 and this phone has the RAM of size 4GB and 64GB internal memory storage where you can also expand it into 128GB . The premium ceramic version of the Xiamoi Mi6 phone with the 18K gold finish and storage space of about 128GB though the phone is missing some features like wireless charging the phone has much premium paying features like the Galaxy S8.

Effective physical appearance of the Xiaomi Mi6 phone

The Xiaomi Mi6 mobile phone has the stainless steel and glass frame which stands out and this phone comes with the standard shades of white or black plus it is also available in blue or gold version that gives the visually stunning appearance and look to the phone.

  • The screen size of the phone is about 5.15 inch with the 1080 pixel because of this it makes the display to look good to the naked eye.
  • When the color pop has the maximum brightness of 600 nits it gets down to one at the night for helping you not to strain your eye while using the phone.
  • The xiaomi Mi6 Android phones won’t take the long dunking as like the LG G6 and Galaxy S8 but it has the splash proof so you no need to worry about the small spills.
  • One of the most important key features of the Mi 6 is it has the dual 12-megapixel camera setup.

The dual camera feature is the hot trend now days while it is not the first time that the xiaomi phone has used this feature but it is the first time that xiaomi Mi6 phone has added the portrait mode similar to the iphone 7 Plus. In which the portrait mode present in the xiaomi Mi6 phone works in the same way as like the iphone 7 Plus does.

The Mi6 much simpler than the effect on the previous xiaomi phone models such as like the Redmi Pro which makes you to tweak the depth of the field after shooting the pictures. As for the quality the portrait mode of the xiaomi Mi6 makes to you to feel very finicky in which it takes the half time for detecting the object properly where other time you can use for applying the effects to the pictures.

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