Why Is Trademark Registration Important For A Brand Or Business?

Trademark registration is one of the most important industrial rights. For this reason, many institutions and companies realize the importance of trademark registration and make trademark registration applications. Once you have determined how to present your products or services that you are going to sell or decide to sell to the target audience, you will also want to have the specific logo or design for your company specific to your products.  

The main purpose of trademark registration is to identify your brand and to help you avoid competition. If another company uses the same (or very similar) designs for their products, it has the potential to cause confusion among consumers and dilute your brand. Therefore, it is very important to have a trademark registration in order to protect your trademark.

What basically a trademark is?

A trademark is a name that can be displayed graphically and used in association with various products or services. A trademark can be a word, phrase, image, or a combination of both. It should not be descriptive about the goods or services offered, it should be unique and be able to distinguish your products or services from those offered by other companies. General words in the industry where these goods or services are found are not subject to protection. Any offensive words or images are also prohibited. Another key element is the need for honesty. It is not possible to mislead a potential customer by using a specific description of the goods or services offered.

In particular, trademark terminal wants to emphasize how important it is for a company to register its trademark as brand identity. No one wants to waste their time promoting their name if it is already being used by another company.

Trademark registration is more important than you can imagine. This is mainly because most companies want to set their products apart from their competitors. But while companies recognize the importance of trademarking the products they sell, not everyone appreciates the importance of protecting them by recording.

What you get by registering trademark?

Registering your trademark registration gives others the right to prohibit the sale of the same or very similar products under an identical or confusingly similar trademark. You will know if your rights have been violated if people confuse your cue with another, similar to the one used by another company.

For this reason, it is extremely important to register a trademark before you start selling your products or offering services under this sign. This will give you confidence that your customers will be able to distinguish between similar products and understand which one is yours. Registration is a very useful tool that allows you to protect a commercial idea from unauthorized use by competitors who want to reflect it at the expense of foreign intellectual property. When you register a trademark, you can make it identifiable with a good name and reputation for your company.

How to Apply for Trademark Registration?

What you need to do in order to prevent your brand from being exposed to the damages Trademark Terminal mentioned is to protect your brand in question. A registration application must be made for the trademark you want to protect. This application can be made in two ways:

  • Individual applications
  • Application to be made through a proxy to be appointed

Trademark registration application starts from the date of delivery, provided that the documents are complete and submitted. The requested documents are in the form of a power of attorney document, documents pertaining to the applicant’s clear identity, an annotated list of the products or services that are the reason for the application, a document showing that the application fee has been paid, and if the priority right is requested, the relevant specification is that the fee is paid.

To register a trademark, you must apply for registration with the Patent Office of the country you need to protect. In many countries this can be done independently, but we recommend that you seek expert advice from a patent attorney or assistance in applying for the registration of a trademark.

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