Where to Find a High Quality Weighted Blanket Just in Time for the Holidays

By now you’ve surely heard about the many benefits of weighted blankets. From insomnia to stress and anxiety, these cozy quilts will soothe away the worst of our bedtime foes and help us get a calm and comforting full night’s rest. Waking up feeling fully rested and ready to face the day is a blessing in and of itself, and with the holiday season just around the corner, we’re sure you can think of a few people who would love to unwrap a good night’s sleep. So where should you go to find the High Quality Weighted Blanket for your family, your friends, and even yourself? And how can you tell the good from the bad?

If this is your first time perusing the world of weighted blankets, there are a few key things to look for. First and foremost is the weight itself. How much does the blanket weigh and how is that extra weight incorporated into the quilt? Different companies use a variety of different materials to weight down their blankets, from glass microbeads to food-grade polypropylene pellets to actual grains like barley, the latter of which mostly comes up in handmade weighted blankets sold by smaller businesses. In general, it’s better to avoid the food-based fillers, as these make it difficult to properly wash your weighted blanket and can irritate anyone with allergies.

A high quality weighted blanket will have the weight secured in place to prevent shifting and slouching during use. For example, Huggaroo – considered by many to be the top tier of weighted blankets – divide their glass microbeads across many little sewn-in pockets throughout their blankets’ inner weighted quilts. That’s why Huggaroo’s weighted blankets are always perfectly balanced with an even distribution of weight. Huggaroo also offers multiple different weight options, with lighter weighted blankets available for children as well. It is very important to bear in mind that 15 lb and 20 lb blankets are too heavy for children who weigh less than 90 lbs. Many children do find weighted blankets to be quite beneficial, especially children who fall on the autism spectrum or who face sensory processing disorders. For these children, we’d definitely recommend trying out Huggaroo’s 7 lb children’s weighted blankets, specially designed for children over the age of 3 who weigh between 30 and 90 lbs.

Once you’ve taken into account the actual weight of your blanket and the way it’s built-in, it’s time to examine the construction of the overall blanket. You want it to be comfortable, soft to the touch and appropriate for your climate and your lifestyle. Parents should especially consider the washability of the weighted blanket in question, as spills are a natural part of family life.

Some companies sell their weighted blankets plain, meaning that what you get is just the weighted quilt itself, with no extra padding or covering. Sometimes the glass microbeads or pellets can be felt through these kinds of blankets, so you’ll want to be careful, especially if you think it’ll be a sensory issue.

Going back to our favorite brand, Huggaroo weighted blankets are all sold with extra plush 100% polyester Minky and Chenille duvet covers (with the exception of the Huggaroo Cooling Weighted Blanket (15 lb), as it’s meant to be a cool summertime blanket. You can still buy this blanket’s duvet cover separate if you’d like to transform it into a plush winter quilt!) In the Huggaroo adult weighted blankets, these duvet covers are secured via strategically placed ties, to allow for easier washing, since a queen-sized weighted blanket can be quite bulky in a washing machine. Huggaroo’s children’s blankets, being smaller and easier to manage, are sewn into single piece quilts so they can be quickly cleaned and returned to your little one’s loving arms. And like all Huggaroo products, both the children’s and adult blankets are made by diligent hands from the highest quality materials available. After all, Huggaroo’s got a bit of a reputation of being perfectionists, so it’s no surprise that the high quality weighted blanket of your dreams comes with a Huggaroo label!

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