What is VPN and Why Do You Need it?

VPN is the acronym of Virtual Private Networking. But what does that mean?


To understand VPN, we’ll use a scenario.

When an organization grows, it expands and creates multiple offices or shops. These offices may be located in the same country of operation, or at times, around the globe. For operations to run efficiently in all these offices, the employees in the different working locations will need a fast and secure way of sharing information across computer networks. If the organization has salespeople, they will also need an equally reliable and efficient way of connecting to the same computer network from their remote locations of work.

VPN is a popular technology that allows such organizations to accomplish all its goals.

Now that you understand, we can talk more about VPN service!

What is a VPN Service?

A Virtual Private Network is a private network that uses public networks to connect users or remote sites. This network encrypts and transmits data as it travels from a place to another through the internet. They aren’t just limited to laptops or desktops. Rather, they can be set on your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone, too.

Why Should You Use a VPN Service?

Depending on your specific needs, you can choose to create a VPN server, use your workplace’s VPN, or host it from your house. Unfortunately, some people use VPN services for illegal purposes, thus creating the impression that the public network is illegal. However, this isn’t true. The legitimate ways of using a VPN service include:

  1. VPN service helps to ensure security. – this network is a better way of increasing your security. If you are concerned about your privacy, VPN will help you remain anonymous and save yourself from any prying eyes. Reporters and authors who write sensitive topics can use these services to protect themselves from retaliation. If you don’t want your search history tracked by search engines, go for VPN services and rid yourself from their targeted ads.


  1. Data Protection – VPNs add extra data protection to smartphones and PCs. Whenever you are online, the software ensures that hackers do not get access to your data. This it does by anonymizing your location and traffic. Relying on public WiFi can be dangerous to your data. The WiFi should only be used to surf the internet and not for carrying out secured transactions. The public WiFi can give hackers access to your data and make them contaminate your connectivity with malware. The VPN services will help to tunnel your data and any other information over a secured network, thus protecting you whenever you are using an unsecured WiFi.


  1. Are you concerned that a third party is monitoring your communication? – If you use Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services and you’re concerned that the communication can be monitored, you can rely on a VPN service to secure your communication. The services make it fairly easy to know who is eavesdropping on your communication.


  1. Are you planning to go for a vacation and would love to share memories with your family and friends? – As a traveler, you might be surprised that you are unable to get in touch with your family. In this case, the VPN will help you to use your social media from whichever location you are.


Before you choose on a VPN, ensure that it is super secure, consistent, and advanced enough to offer you consistent performance in terms of speed.


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