16 Essential Tools to Manage Your Business Remotely

In this age of digital advancements, working from home has become quite convenient and cost-effective. You have all the tools online and most of these are free. So, more and more companies are opting for this option.  

However, managing all business operations remotely is quite a difficult thing to pull off. When I started my own business I had a local Internet connection to manage my business from home. However, soon my business operations started slowing down because of the poor Internet signals. That was when I subscribed to one of the very attractive packages and the operations returned to their normal state.

Therefore, it is very important to have these essential tools when you decide to manage your business remotely.

A Great Device

It is important to have a good device to manage your business operations with ease. Choose a laptop that suits your business’s needs. For-example if you have a clothing business, go for a device that has a long battery life and a bright display.

A Spare Monitor

Buy an extra monitor alongside your main device. An extra monitor will make it easier for you to manage multiple operations at the same time. It would be good for your neck as well.  

High-Speed Wi-Fi

You can’t opt for a wired connection when you have so much at stake. Choose a reliable Internet service provider and get high-speed Wi-Fi installed at your home/ workplace. Run a few speed tests as well before starting your business operations.


Manage your business projects and assign tasks to your team members conveniently with this app. It can work anywhere as long as you have a stable Internet connection.


Storing your business documents in a safe place can get a little tricky. Make a Dropbox account and make sure that nobody except your team members has access to these important documents.


What happens when your time zone is not aligned with your team members and customers? It can cause a delay in crucial business decisions. Boomerang provides a solution by allowing you to schedule your Emails to be sent at specific times. It can work on web browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari extra.


Ensuring the privacy of business decisions and operations is very crucial to make it successful. So, if you are using public Wi-Fi, make sure that you always stay protected from cyber-attacks with a VPN. Although there are many free VPNs available, these are not secure. Opt for an expensive and reliable VPN instead.


Prezi is the ultimate platform to make great presentations. You may have a meeting with a client while you are on the go. Make and save changes on your mobile. These changes will get auto-synced across your other devices as well. So, you’ll just need to open your laptop and the updated presentation will be on Prezi.


Skype is an essential tool if you have to communicate with your team members every now and then. Compared with high-rate International phone services, it is a much cheaper option for engaging in a voice or a video chat.

A Skype Number

Skype is an affordable choice to coordinate with your team members. However, sometimes your clients and customers might need to contact you directly while you are on the go. So, set up a Skype number to stay connected.


If you have overseas clients, exchange rates and fraudulent banking can become a constant cause of worry for you. Make a PayPal account to safely send the money anywhere.


You might have important files on the desktop of your computer that you forgot to bring with you. Make a LogMeIn account and access your desktop anywhere and on any computer/tablet.


Social media marketing is absolutely necessary to ensure the success of any business nowadays. However, when you are in a distant time zone, it can become a bit of a challenge to manage it. Buffer allows you to schedule social media posts on a number of different platforms. Your audience won’t feel weird about a post as long as you use Buffer.


Say you are on a vacation and have to manage your business website as well. What would you do? Enjoy your time and let Pingdom do it for you. Pingdom monitors your website’s page speed and synthetic interaction extra all the time.


If you are not a fan of bullet points and headings, Freemind is just the right app for you. It helps you to graphically plan and organize your work.

Trade Ability

If your business operations involve getting things shipped, Trade Ability can be your assistant for this process. It helps in estimating shipping expenses, duty fees and trade restrictions without any costs.

Final Words

Have these tools under your belt to effectively manage your business operations anywhere. To make sure that they work efficiently, you need to make sure that your Internet connection is fast and stable. My business operations never got delayed since I started relying on Cox service for a high-speed connection. All the best to you too!

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