Surprising Facts about Macron Boxes

Ask anyone what is your favorite snack and it is most probably bakery items, especially macarons.

Macarons are small round cake with a meringue-like consistency. They are made up of egg white, sugar, and powder almonds. It is a snack which two cakes made up of almond flour that sandwiches a custom filling, which makes them the most unique and delicious. They come in jelly fillings, cream fillings, custard fillings, and many more when it comes to the flavor that creates a sensation in your mouth.

Increase in variety and high demand, the number of businesses have also increased. Not only the popular brands but there are a lot of household or E-Commerce businesses that offer macarons, which has increased competition in the market to come up with something unique, authentic, and original. It is because customers are more aware of the trends. They do not choose a product only based on their appearance, but how it is presented and who is presenting matters a lot while making a purchase.

Well, have you ever wondered what makes one bakery business more successful than the other, when the product is almost the same in taste and appearance?

Here comes the game of packaging. It plays an important role in grabbing the attention of the customers, creating a professional and recognizable image of the brand in the market. When it comes to packaging customization is the way to go if you want to leave an everlasting impact on your audience.

Custom boxes come to great help for bakery businesses to beat the competition and make a mark. You will be surprised to know what custom printed macron boxes can do to your business.


The most important thing which makes these boxes outstanding is that they are customizable in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs that represent your brand and the product in the most effective manner than regular plain brown boxes. Customization offers a choice of material, it allows companies to go for shapes that are one of their kinds, and prints that have no match when it comes to quality. All of these things collectively enhance the worth and quality of the brand and the product.


Like every other bakery item macarons are very delicate and need proper containment to keep their shape intact until they reach the hands of the customers. Custom Macaron Boxes are made up of cardboard, Kraft paper or corrugated cardboard because they are the most durable when it comes to protection. 

You can choose the material of a box according to your need and your budget. For instance, if you are a smaller business you can go for cardboard boxes that are fairly presentable or attractive and to create a more luxurious packaging corrugated cardboard is a right option because it is the finest and the strongest of all the paper packaging.

Enhance the Appearance:

It will not be wrong to say that half the taste of the food is in the way it is presented. 

You will be surprised to know that macarons are popular more because of their packaging than their taste. They are used as a present, party favors, wedding, bridal, baby shower, and other special occasions, which makes their boxes more important than the product itself. They usually come in window cut-out boxes that give a fair sneak peek of the product that is packed inside. It makes them more attractive when it comes to outlook.

You can also go for custom printed macaron boxes in unique shapes such as flip open boxes, magnetic closure encasements, or base and lid boxes with custom cutouts and even cylindrical packaging with window cutouts to entice customers toward your product.

Increase Quality:

Quality matters the most when it comes to packaging because customers interact with the packaging before they reach the product. Customers use it as a standard to judge the quality of the product. Lamination is a plastic covering in different finishes like glossy or matte that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but make the boxes more refined and polished. Topping laminations with foiled logos create better brand awareness then the boxes that are plain and play no role in communicating with the customers.


Last but not least, sustainability is an important factor, especially in today’s world for both businesses and consumers. It is because the non-ecofriendly packaging material like plastic has caused a disastrous effect on the environment we live in. Incorporating sustainable packaging in your brand help in increasing loyalty among the customers. 

Customized macaron packaging is made up of the most sustainable material that is recyclable and biodegradable, which leaves no pollution behind.


Well, if you are wondering how much these luxurious boxes are going to cost you, then the solution is here. Get your custom macaron boxes wholesale because they offer the cheapest rates in the market than any other alternative. It is because they always deal in bulk, which reduces the price per unit and not because they are any less in quality, durability, and functionality as compared to other expensive packaging solutions that you see in the market.

It will be the right decision to go for custom macaron boxes USA because they provide equal opportunity for every type of business, whether small or large to create packaging that represents them most effectively and helps in brand reinforcement. 


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