Benefits of a Page Turning PDF You Probably Did Not Know About

The impressive page turning effect is a better way to present your product and service than the original PDF document. The impressive page turning effect in PDF can help publishers create a publication with fantastic and realistic page flip effect from PDF easily.

With the effect of page change in web-based software and double page view, readers can have the experience of reading a real book; and the fantastic flipbook allows people to flip pages with flexibility by dragging the corner of pages and clicking on the previous and next buttons, which concentrate the readers. If you want to know how to create such a page turn PDF, read more.

Reach readers on all devices

This web-based software creates special desktop, mobile, and tablet editions, allowing you to reach more readers. The animated book can be programmed to publish automatically in Flash for PC and Mac, and HTML5 for mobile and tablet.

Concentrate clients on mobile platform, inspire them to click, touch and drag content on iPad, iPhone, and smartphones. No matter if you are on an airplane, train or cafeteria, readers can read your animated book on your mobile phone or tablet.

Insert video, Flash, Photo gallery

This page has deeply considered adding interactive elements to increase the joy of readers. The feature of the edit page allows users to add videos, audios, and images from the photo gallery, which makes the book more elegant and attractive. All the interactive inserts also make the original documents more persuasive. The pages will make readers want to stay on the page longer, technically reduce the bounce rate and in the end, will bring more visitors back and attract many new visitors.

Easy to share on social networks

The flipbook from Flip PDF Professional can be shared on twitter, Google+ or Facebook or other media with a social sharing button on the toolbar.

As a company propagandist, the vivid and elaborate flipbook on the social media page will highlight the difference, decency, professionalism, and accessibility, and will attract more and more followers that will show confidence in their effort and sincerity.

As a personal user, the flipbook software in your social media can be a photo gallery, a blog of your interest, a festive letter for everyone. It can offer people more joy by sharing them on social networks.

Track readers precisely by Google Analytics

It is possible that you want to know something about your readers when you are creating the publications online. If you have a GA account, you can add it to your flipbook and then the distribution rules, reader interest and the most popular pages of the book can be tracked.

Nothing is totally perfect, so we need more improvement. The Google Analytics in your book will provide you with the data of the readers of the book. So you can know what interests them and as this creates more specific content to satisfy their tastes.

Do you want to take your PDF documents to a new level? Replace the static PDF product catalogs or marketing brochures with impressive page turning effect in pdf. The flipbook software will please readers to stay on book pages for longer, and can technically reduce the bounce rate and attract more readers. Your publications deserve the best presentation, it has never been so easy to charm readers online.

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