Learn to use Twitter with these 9 tutorials that we will present below

Although Twitter is a very intuitive social network to use, it is never necessary to know a little more about how it works. That is why we created this twitter tutorial and we listed another 9 tutorials with which you will learn about the details of this network.

Social networks have been a part of life for the vast majority of people for a long time. One of them is Twitter that despite its time of existence many do not take advantage of it as they should.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social network characterized by transmitting messages in a few characters When it emerged, messages had to be 140 characters maximum but recently this number increased to 280. This facilitates communication since many messages were hardly transmitted in so few characters.

With the advent of Twitter, the concept of microblogging also became popular. As the name implies, it is the way to convey messages in a nutshell. Instead of a text of five hundred words, which is the average number of posts on a blog, in this system, you have to communicate in much fewer words.

This dynamic way of transmitting ideas joins the immediacy in which we currently live. The faster the better.

How is Twitter used?

If you want to start using Twitter, don’t worry, it’s very easy. Here we show you how you can start, today, in this wide social network.

Follow these 7 simple steps to become part of the world of Twitter as a true connoisseur:

 1.Create your account

To create your account, go to Twitter, and create an address with your name. There are a few steps so that you have your address  www.twitter.com/yourusername. To create it you only need your e-mail address and your basic data, with that you can create your account.

Then, you only need to follow the guidelines of the tool and voila, you already have your Twitter account.

2.Write your first tweet

Messages on Twitter are called tweets. Now that you have your account you can create your first tweet, remember that the limit is 280 characters, but don’t worry, Twitter alerts you when you reach the limit.

3’Follow and find followers

When you create your account and enter your interests, Twitter suggests you follow friends or companies. Follow your friends, make new friends, and stay up-to-date on the issues that interest you.

At any time you can use the search engine to find people or matters of your liking.


If you want to send a message to someone without caring that anyone can read it, write a tweet, and place an @ next to the name of the person to whom the message is addressed. It will look like this: @nombredetuamigo

5.Tweet and Retweet

You already know how to tweet new content. Now if you want you can share content that you have found interesting you can also do it with just one click. Click Retweet and voila, you can share any information.


If you want your content to be easily found, it is best to tag it.

To tag, a tweet put a hashtag (#) next to the subject or keyword, and voila. In this way (#asunto) you will be tagging your posts and grouping them by specific subjects.

7.Create lists

These tools allow you to a group who you follow (or who you don’t follow) by a specific topic. You can also follow lists already created by other users.

What are the best tutorials for advanced use of Twitter?

For a Twitter tutorial to be good, it must have certain characteristics that not all the tutorials we find have. Here are 9, which are worth it if you want to be an advanced user on Twitter.

1.Tutorial to develop a conversion strategy on Twitter

This tutorial explains quite clearly how to implement conversion strategies. It is quite simple, useful, and complete.

2.Tutorial to discover Twitter shortcuts

This post, despite being brief, will be of great help if you are new to Twitter. With it, you will be able to know the keyboard shortcuts and save time with the main functions.

3.Tutorial to access Twitter Analytics

This tutorial is quite simple and will help you a lot to get a good idea of ​​the numbers on your account. They are essential data but enough to know what you should improve.

4.Tutorial to avoid the 4 worst mistakes of Twitter

Unmissable for those who start in this social network and also quite useful to remember what you should never do on Twitter. A simple and short tutorial but quite successful.

5.Twitter vocabulary tutorial for social marketers

This tutorial shows us the new words that came up with Twitter. The “twictionary” is a dictionary of words related to social marketing.

6.Essential tools tutorial for Twitter

Excellent tutorial of tools that help you optimize your tweets. In this tutorial, you will find a large number of resources that will help you with everything you need to improve the performance of your Twitter account.

7.Tutorial to take advantage of the resources of the Click to Tweet tool

This tutorial shows you how to use this application, which among many other things, allows you to put the text of a tweet in a link. It is used to promote the content of what is behind a Twitter link.

With this tool, it will be much easier for Twitter users to share your content simply.

8.Tutorial that teaches how to display your Instagram photos on Twitter

In this tutorial, they will teach you how you can show your Instagram photos on Twitter with the help of IFTTT, a tool that allows you to schedule tasks on social networks and the internet.

9.Tutorial to succeed on Twitter


If you want to learn about Instagram marketing click here.

This tutorial brings you 10 tips so you can succeed in the social network. It gives you some tips on how to Tweet and what to avoid. Some excellent recommendations for those who want to look good on Twitter.

As you can see, in this post you do not have just one Twitter tutorial, you have several that can be useful at different times.

It is a good opportunity to start enjoying the resources of this social network and become an expert on the subject And if you want to know how to take advantage of Twitter for your marketing campaigns, be sure to read this post.

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