Learn What the HTTPS Protocol is and How to Secure a Website

Nowadays, security on websites is one of the main concerns of companies. Your customers and visitors consume your content, but at the same time, they make available data that is always very vulnerable, and that is why the security of information must be guaranteed. In this article, we are going to tell you how to secure a website with https protocol.

A brief definition of HTTPS

The term HTTPS, which is translated from English as a secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol, has the distinction of incorporating the SSL protocol (secure sockets layer) into the website. This protocol guarantees the security of the transmission of information on the Internet since it will be encrypted, which means that no unwanted person can access the data.

The sites with this protocol began to be used as a web standard since 2000. Although its adoption at the beginning was low. It is increasingly common to find websites that are identified as safe, and this can be evidenced in your daily use of the Internet.

Why is it essential to have an HTTPS site today?

Due to the multiple cyber attacks that have been made by the data that is collected and offered through the Internet. It has become necessary for companies to have a reliable website, which guarantees the security of the information provided.

Next, know the main benefits of having an HTTPS website:

  1. Better positioning: Given the notices that appear today when a site does not have a certificate, access to pages that do not have this certificate is declining, and likewise the reputation in front of the search engines. So we can say that, although it does not directly affect SEO, there is a reputational background that harms the site.
  1. Confidence when providing data: When a warning appears to the visitor that your website is not secure, would you expect to receive some kind of information from that person? If you are starting a content marketing strategy, the reputation and position of authority require the management of a website with this feature.
  1. Protection of malware or viruses on the web: The SSL protocols are responsible for scanning the page to find and eliminate possible virus threats within your website.
  1. Confidential information of your website properly encrypted: Provide security to users of the data they provide on your website, and thanks to encryption will not be available to any unwanted person.

How to Migrate Your Site to HTTPS?

You can start creating a website from scratch that already includes the security certificate, or also modifies it if you do not have SSL certificates. Next, I’m going to present you with the steps that you must take into account to carry out this migration.

1. Backup

Make a backup copy of the data you have on your website. Depending on the company and your hosting plan, this copy can be made automatically on a daily basis or it may require that it be done manually.

2. Purchase of the certificate

Some hosting servers will demand payment for this certificate, this will depend on the plan you have contracted. Sometimes it is already included and it will be enough to request it with the customer service area.

3. Make the change in your content manager

Once you have the certificate, you can proceed with its installation within the content manager of your page, these can be Joomla, Magento, WordPress, among others. In some cases, you can use the installation of a Plugin so that the verification is done automatically.

4. Modify the URLs

Change all HTTP by HTTPS that you have inside your content manager, make this change also in the HTML and CSS code that this update needs. In the case of WordPress, there are plugins that perform this task to guarantee the change in all the content of the site.

5. Check its operation

After completing the steps above, do a test by entering your web address. When entering, you should see a padlock that we normally see in the search bar. Now your website will be identified as secure.

6. Update your analysis tools

If you have analytics tools for your website such as Google Analytics, remember to update your website.


Websites with security certificate or HTTPS are a way to show the public how reliable is the content that is displayed on your website. But also the peace of mind that may have to leave your data there to interact with your brand.

If you are considering starting a content marketing strategy, this step is essential for the relationship with people who will become customers after several visits to your site.

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