Experiential Travelling Became The Most Favoured Option

Every year we face new changes in every service sector. In the top service-providing sectors, tourism and hospitality management is one of the key sectors which have a contribution to the growth of the economy. India stands on the third position regarding the investment in travel & tourism and invested 45.7 billion USD in the year 2018 as a study conducted by the Indian Brand Equity Foundation.

There are various changes that have taken place in the Tours and Travel industry. Leisure travelling is an old and traditional trend of past days. Now the tourism industry has changed due to the travel habits of people in India. The time in which we are writing and reading the article is the time of millennials. India is the most advanced in terms of using digital tools to plan, book and experience the journey.

Now the question is –” Who are the Experiential Traveling lovers?”

According to the report published as a joint effort by Bain & Company and Google India Private Ltd., the experienced oriented travellers are young professionals and students travelling in groups. They are mostly from the metro cities and the majority of travellers take 2-3 trips in a year which used stay in 3-4 star hotels to ensure the best experience.

What Does It Mean of Experiential Traveling?

It is one of the trends which is now on the top. It is in terms of travelling is a cultural exploration of some ecosystem and activity-based trip. It is just different in terms of leisure or traditional travelling. Now, a tourist wants to explore the area, want to know about the culture of it more and more or they want to learn a new skill through the activity. On the return, in place of sharing poster photographs of scenery, they want to share the experience as a story and want to share skills with their friends.

How Experiential Traveling Encouraged?

The experiential travellers are influenced by social media. The rise of social media encourages travellers to share their experiences. It encourages others to visit that offbeat destination or experience the activity.  Due to the evolution in digital tools, all things like information about offbeat destinations, activity-based destinations, booking of tickets, booking of stay type like camping, hut stay all are easily accessible and available to be chosen by them anytime.

Other mediums which are encouraging travellers are vlogs and channels on the platforms like youtube. The experiential travellers used to do rigorous searching on-line and off-line both. They keenly read the reviews also of the users who have done experiential travelling earlier to them and when they will return from the trip they will also give their feedback. So now this interesting chain reaction becomes the current trend for the travel industry.

The other factor which encouraged and attracted  Indian travellers is the cultural and natural diversity of India. This is the only country where you can find high snow-clad mountain peaks, glaciers,  lush green valleys, rivers, plateaus, rain forests, and sea beaches. Several locations are untouched till now. So when they get any kind of knowledge about these places they start researching and include in their next trip as they got all the relevant information.

How Industry Looks Experiential Travelling?

The industry is also keenly interested in this hot topic as they are considering it as a wonderful opportunity to serve the needs of their existing customers and a way to increase the happy customer database. Now, most of the brands included the services on their itinerary menu.

The industry is running on the basis of different types of tours and travels service providers like tour operators, travel agents,  hoteliers, activity service providers. Now again there are again two categories one is brand and others are start-ups. Brands have adopted the idea but start-ups like BanBanjara adopted and absorbed this idea very quickly. Now they are serving their large database of clients with experiential travelling services.

The Impact of Experiential Traveling on Lifestyle

Travelling is the best way to get away and rejuvenates from routine life stress. In professional life, everybody faces challenges on a daily basis as the day passes one by one there will be stress developed which is not fruitful to live a healthy life.

When people see the options that in their budget they can enjoy accordingly and will get some fresh breeze at some natural and untouched destination in comparison to the crowded home city they prepare themselves and spend their time to get back to face the challenges with the new fighting spirit. There are two benefits they get from experiential travelling i.e stress-busting and good health which is essential for all of us.

The database of experiential travelling lovers is increasing day by day which makes it the most favoured option of tours and travel. It will open the gates of opportunity for service providers and travellers. This kind of travelling is worthy for both because it is the best way to serve peoples and planet through profit.      

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