Different Ways To Separately Use Your Sectional Sofa’s

If you would like to experiment with sectional sofa’s, here are a few ways to separately use a sectional sofa to provide your living areas with a spacious and fresh look.

Place Your Sectional Sofa Across A Table

If the sectional sofa has only two pieces, a single large piece that joins together with a smaller piece at a corner, place each one across from the other. This will encourage conversation and a more cozy look. You could also use a table between the pieces. You can use this area as a space for beverages. Ensure that the coffee table is the correct size so that there is enough space for people to pass on each side. Using a rug or carpet between the pieces and adding throw pillows, adds a nice touch, and ties everything together. Take a look at Haverty’s.

Divide Each Sectional Piece At The Juncture And Add Cube Hassocks

When your sofa is not providing sufficient seating space, the best way to solve this issue is to push the sections apart and then insert cube hassocks that coordinate between each space. This creates added seating and you can also use the hassocks as a convenient area to place beverages when needed. However, this setup only works for rooms that can accommodate large pieces. This setup offers an easy way to increase the seating area for large families, or for those that like to entertain.

Place Sectional Pieces In Different Areas Of The Room

If your living area does not have enough space for separate pieces of your sectional sofa, you can use them in a different area of your room. For example, it is possible to create 2 distinct areas in a room with each sectional piece. You can use the large piece in the main area of a room, where it is used for the main seating area. The small piece can then be used in a quieter corner, that you could use as a reading area.

Match And Mix Different Sectional Sofas

If you have a variety of sectional sofas in your home that are different in their designs and colors, match and mix them up to create a fresh look. It will also make your sofas a lot more functional. In addition to this, it will add surprise to your living areas.

Let The Main Section Of The Sofa Face The Focal Point Of A Room

Use the large section of a sofa in the middle of a space, directed towards the focal point, such as a fireplace, window, or television. If the sofa has 2 straight and long sections face them towards each other. If the sofa has 1 arm on 1 side, use a side table next to the side that is armless to balance out the look.

Position The Chaise Or Corner Of Your Sectional Sofa Angled Towards The Centre Of The Room

Once you have positioned the large section of a sofa along with the other that now acts as a stand-alone chair, there will be chaise or corner left over. You can position the corner in the center of the room, with the other sofa, focal point, and coffee table of the space in its full view. You can position it in one corner of your room on the side of your other section. Alternatively, you can use it on the opposite side of the room. This will depend on the size of the space you have available and the other pieces of furniture that are already in the room. If the 2 straight sections face each other, position the chaise or corner at the end that is open to enclose the seating area in a U-shape.

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