10 Tips For Choosing Best Moving Company

Finding the best moving company that we can trust doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether we move within the same city or across the country. The last thing we want is to leave our most beloved items in the wrong hands. An unprofessional and unprepared moving company can cause more problems than it solves. That is why it is always important to have a reputable and trusted moving company. We are going to see some tips below that will help us.

Ask family and friends for recommendations:

Recommendations from family, and friends whose opinions we value, can greatly influence the final decision. They will be able to suggest a moving company they had a good experience with, and they may also have ideas about moving companies to avoid. If a specific company is recommended to us, we can dig deeper with these questions to get more details:

  1. What did you like about the moving company?
  2. What was the determining factor in your decision to choose that company?
  3. What services did you request from the moving company?
  4. Were there any inconveniences in the moving process?
  5. Would they use this moving company again?

Confirm they are a moving company, Not a moving broker:

To find the best moving company that we can truly trust, it is important to confirm that we are agreeing with a real moving company, not a broker. A moving broker is not licensed to transport property, Rather, they book the move and then contract with a shipping or parcel company at the lowest price they can find.

There is an inherently greater risk when working with a moving broker. The riskiest factor being the inability to choose the company that will transport our possessions. It will also be difficult to assign responsibility to either party in the event of damage or loss, as both the broker and the moving company generally point to each other. Finally, a broker’s cost estimates can be inaccurate since they are handled over the phone. The real cost being many times considerably higher.

Obtain reliable and personal estimates and budgets:

Having a written and personalized estimate for our case ensures that the estimate we receive from the moving company. As accurate as possible while allowing us to obtain more information about the services offered.

We must ensure that all boxes, furniture, clothing, and belongings that we would like the moving company to transport have been accounted for. A professional moving company will be able to advise us and offer interesting alternatives that take special care of delicate items.

Ask about possible additional fees:

Nobody likes surprises on their moving day, so be sure to ask about any possible additional fees, based on services that we have required, that could be added to the final bill. If we deal with professionals, they will always make the conditions of each service clear and there will be no surprises. Advice choosing a reputable company

Consider using packaging services:

Most people fear the idea of packing all of your belongings, especially if there are special objects that we don’t know how to protect properly. Let’s find a local moving company that offers packing services, this option can take the stress out of a movie.

Consider using a storage service:

Departure and arrival times at the new destination are not always accurate, nor do they have to be comfortable with our installation requirements needs. In those cases, we can consider a furniture storage service that keeps our belongings protected and safe for as long as we need until they can be unpacked in their new home.

Check that the company has the appropriate vehicles:

It is a crucial factor because it is the company that must have vehicles that adapt to our moving situation, and not the other way around. It is also very important to know if they have specialized material such as pulleys and elevators (for example, to transport a sofa)

Experience counts: 

While it may be tempting to hire a moving company that offers very low prices, let’s not forget that we are talking about entrusting our belongings to other people. This is why it is important to find a professional moving company that has the experience to do the job right. Value for money is important here.

Check that the company adapts to different schedules:

A professional moving company will know how to adapt to our needs without our time suffering the consequences.

Find a personal and close treatment:

This is an added value that must always be estimated. Communication is key, and this is much easier with people capable of understanding us and listening to what we need.


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